Welcome to Healing Hands Centre

A child undergoes a lot of biological, emotional and psychological changes while growing up. Growth or development is often noticed in the independence that a child achieves in his or her daily activities. All this is strongly influenced by the child’s Environment, Caregiver and the Curiosity of the young budding mind.

We at healing hands Centre aim at being the guiding hand that helps your child through every stage of development and provide a wholesome experience by engaging the child in exploration as a form of learning and developing.


Why Healing Hands Centre?


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Our Vision

  • To enable every child to be an integral and independent part of the society

Our Mission

  • To screen ever y child’s growth and development in all domains and to help rule out potential developmental delay.
  • To provide child specific Multi disciplinary therapy to help the child achieve functional abilities.
  • To be a part of every the child’s everyday success and build a stepping stone for the child to reach his goals